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  • My earliest recollection of the residents of St Raphael’s, is of a Sunday afternoon in the late fifties, hanging out with them outside the village chip shop after the pictures in the town hall. Other memories from that time includes accompanying service user Peter Clerken along Tay Lane after school, when he was bringing the cattle from the bottom field (current sports field) back to the farm yard for milking. In the late sixties and early Seventies, I got to know more of the lads when on occasion I would bring my brother Paul to school in St Raphael’s. In 1966 I started helping my dad preparing for the fete. I remember going to the fruit and vegetable markets in

  • I have been volunteering at the Fete for over thirty years. Every night for the month of June I help in the preparation and also during the day when they need me. I live in Priory Way Celbridge so its not too far to travel. My main job when we are getting things ready is helping with collecting furniture in the van and storing it in the tents.On the day I work as a car park steward. I do spend quite a bit of time helping at the fete but I really enjoy helping, the craic and a few pints at the end.Interview with Bobby McDonald

  • I have been volunteering at the Fete since the early Seventies, I was introduced by Cathal O Feinneadha. I help out four to Five times a week for the month of June. I travel from work in UCD Belfield by bus to Celbridge to help get everything ready for the Fete. Then every evening I get a bus to Houston Station and then I get the Luas home to Tallaght. Its a bit of a treck but its worth it. I don’t have a particular job; I just do whatever I’m asked to do.There has been many changes since the introduction of marquees. It makes the job much easier.The reason I spend so much time helping at the fete is

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